Orchid Grower's Guild
Madison, Wisconsin

About our Society

The Orchid Grower's Guild, Inc. OGG is a non-profit organization affiliated with America Orchid Society. It is dedicated to educating both OGG members and the public about orchids and their culture. OGG also promotes the conservation and appreciation of orchids. 

If you can grow a houseplant, you can grow an orchid! Many species are amazingly hardy and do not require as much care as some common houseplants. Orchids come in many sizes, shapes, colors and ease or difficulty of growing. There are approximately 50,000 different orchids in the world  and each is a jewel of a flower.

Mission Statement

Forming friendships by working together in harmony as an organization. For guild members and the public, finding pleasure in being with others who share an excitement for the awe and beauty of orchids (native and tropical.

Understanding more about  one of the world's largest flowering families, the Orchidaceae. This would include learning their growing cultures, propagation and preservation through formal and informal education that enhances each of our growing abilities.

Nurturing the plant and the world of orchids by supporting local and worldwide environmental conservation projects. Nourish the human spirit and reflect the ideals of AOS and MAOC. Increase general appreciation of orchids through educational opportunities for all.