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September 15, 2013
Growing Masdevallia and Dracula Species at Home
Alfonso Doucette, UW Botany doctoral candidate
Meeting Room, Olbrich Gardens

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The Orchid Growers' Guild, Inc. (OGG) is a non-profit organization, affiliated with the American Orchid Society. It is dedicated to educating both OGG members and the public about orchids and their culture. OGG also promotes the conservation and appreciation of orchids.

If you can grow a houseplant, you can grow an orchid! Many species are amazingly hardy and do not require as much care as some common houseplants. Orchids come in many sizes, shapes, colors and ease or difficulty of growing. There are approximately 50,000 different orchids in the world and each is a jewel of a flower.

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March 1-2, 2014 Neenah, WI Northeastern Wisconsin Orchid Society Spring Show “Orchid Oasis”
March 8-9, 2014 Glencoe, Il llinois Orchid Society Spring Show
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